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Every business is different. Find the right coverage with business insurance, available for a variety of industries.

Popular small business industries we insure:

Review our business insurance by industry below. We offer several types of business insurance and general liability insurance for small businesses in a variety of industries and sizes.


Contractors face unique and often dangerous risks everyday on the job. Whether you’re an electrical, excavation or plumbing and HVAC contractor, you know that in a split second accidents can happen.

Because every business is different, commercial business insurance solutions for contractors can range from a standard policy to a more thorough mix of coverages. The type of contracting business you own – such as masonry, landscaping or new construction– as well as its size and location will affect the types of insurance you may need.

We understand the risks contractors face every day and have developed commercial insurance solutions to help meet your varied needs

Commercial Office

Commercial offices are host to a wide range of businesses, from law and accounting firms to health care practices. No matter the industry, they all have one thing in common—the need for commercial office space insurance.

Business office insurance protects you from the unexpected events that happen in and around offices every day. If a client slips and falls down your stairs, or significant error in your work results in costs to you or your clients, your business could be jeopardized—along with the livelihood of those who work for you. This coverage can help prevent that loss of livelihood from happening.

Wholesale & Distributors

The wholesale and distributor business can be a tough one. Fire, flood and damaging storms can harm your products and warehouse. Thieves can target your inventory and damage property just trying to get to it. And every part of your supply chain – from late supplier shipments to unpaid deliveries you’ve made – can impact your ability to pay bills and payroll. Make sure you have updated wholesalers’ business insurance coverage to protect you against such losses.

Grillo & Associates understands the importance of distributors insurance. We know your business and the unique exposures you face every day. A Grillo & Associates agent can work with you to create an affordable business insurance policy for wholesalers and distributors that meet your needs.

Food Service

Restaurants, coffee shops and other food service businesses have their fair share of headaches. A lawsuit from a customer who falls on a wet floor shouldn’t be one of them. Neither should spoiled food caused by a failed walk-in refrigerator.

Find the right coverage for your food or beverage business. Start with the basic coverages of a business owners policy (BOP), and go from there to get a reliable food insurance policy.

Business insurance for retail stores

Whether they come to you for clothing, pet food or auto parts, your customers depend on your store for products and expertise. Make sure you have the protection you need if something goes wrong. Grillo & Associates understands the risks you face every day, and offers affordable, easy-to-buy retail store insurance for a wide range of businesses. Get a retail business insurance quote and start protecting your retail business today.