As an entrepreneur running a small business, you are in the best position to either mastermind its growth or downfall. Hence, being the boss, you have a series of decisions to make, including several high costs to handle. Considering the cost of office rent, employee payroll, and licenses to cover, many emerging entrepreneurs often overlook the significance of having general liability insurance in place for their businesses. They tend to give less considerations to the “what-if” situations and concentrate on tangible expenses.

However, whether we like it or not, hiccups will always happen at work. And as the owner, you will be the one to cover up the messes at the end of the day. In other words, getting general liability insurance to cover up your unexpected expenses may be your masterstroke. For more clarity, let’s shed light on the five important reasons why you should get a coverage plan for your upcoming business.

Ensuring a perfect operation during troubling times.

Aside from the cost of replacement and repair which insurance plan covers, it helps ensure that issues such as damage, theft, or fire incidents do not affect the daily running of your enterprise. Since every second of staying out of business counts financially, a business interruption plan will help cover the cost of operations such as rent and employee wages. Also, it will ensure that you don’t lose out on profits. Additionally, general liability insurance may cover relocation costs while your workplace is under renovation should in case you experience extreme property damage.

Property protection against disaster

By insuring your business from the building to the contents, you get adequate cover against catastrophe. This implies that if your business ever experiences a disaster such as water or fire damage, your business will be completely saved. If there is an issue of theft, aside from covering the building repairs, property insurance will help upgrade your security level, not to mention helping with the cost of the stolen goods or properties.

Protect your business against cyber-crime

Whether you run an online or offline business, property theft knows no boundary. Some people feel that what can a thief steal from their online presence, forgetting the power of data, content, and information. A savvy cybercriminal will hack your business page, uncover confidential details, and as a result, put the personal data and finances of your customers, as well as your brand at risk. But, with a general liability insurance having a privacy breach coverage, you will be able to get your business back on track quickly through cover for legal expenses, remediation expenses, among others.

Cover for Court expenses

Perhaps, one of your customers decide to sue you for allegedly infringing terms of a contract or even for trivial issues such as slipping right in your store; having to contend with a lawsuit can disrupt your business. In fact, the cost of going to court alone can affect your financial stability, not to mention waiting for the judge’s verdict. However, to save yourself and business from such troubles, a general liability insurance plan will cover any injury sustained on your premises, among other legal expenses.

Protect your business vehicles

If your business demands the use of brand vehicles for your products or services, then getting commercial auto insurance will come handy. Whether you are running the wheel or not, auto insurance will ensure that your business vehicles such as buses, shuttle, or even taxis, are covered against damages, injury, or a case of theft.


As a small business owner, keep in mind that your business has an inherent risk like any other businesses. However, with reliable general liability insurance in place, your business stands a better chance to grow, not to mention your peace of mind!